UNlimiter / Italo Elite

Passion. Desire. Fantasy.
Join The Elite.

Resident deejays:
Lupe & Martin Duvall.

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Italo Elite - Every 2nd Friday at Club Up, Amsterdam

Once upon a time Italo disco ruled the discotheques throughout Europe, but this kind of disco was not exclusively made in Italy. It challenged the audience to fantasize on the dancefloor…

Melodies, beats and lyrics work together to express beauty, holidays, love, seduction, play. It defies all earthly problems - except for the charms of strong accents in the English tongue.
If housemusic equals sex, italo is the heaviest kind of foreplay or at least an explicit flirt!

Italo is the most stylish and visual of all genres within disco. As a cultural phenomenon, it is constructed by aesthetics of contradiction: serious musical production versus lighthearted lyrics, electronic beats versus haunting melodies, straight people adapting gay fashions.
Everybody inside club culture is always looking for the right balance between those very aesthetics...
Italo Elite provides the new balance!
And the contradiction of Italo Elite, you wonder?
We are an elite that wants you to join.
Italo Elite recharges and re-edits this music respectfully for today’s audience.
Fantasize forever more!!!