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The Age of Hysteria was always there.
The disco era, the electro explosion, the glamour of Hollywood, the energy of Bollywood, the sleaze of the 80s, vogueing in the 90s, blonde bimbo celebrities, Romanticism, Art Nouveau, Louis XIV and on...
Were they crazy or just having fun?

HysteriAge is the fun of feminine culture.
We have our heroines to show us how: Bette Davis, Alice in Wonderland, Cleopatra, Josephine Baker, Patty Hearst, Dolly Parton, Angelyne, Grace Jones, Joan Collins, Xaviera Hollander, Marie Antoinette, Sarah Bernardt and on...
Psychological phenomena: indulge in excess, lose self-control, sing and scream.
Show your symptoms.

We dance to electro and disco.